Use Ads to Rank Above Your Competitors

We’re an SEM agency that offers advice and services for better rankings on Google.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a digital marketing tool that improves website visibility. It is done through paid advertising, also known as Pay Per Click (PPC). The process involves getting more traffic to your website by advertising on search engines. It is one of the quickest and most cost effective ways to get your website to the top.

How Can SEM Help Your Business?

SEM can rank your business higher on Google. This will direct more traffic to your website and increase the chance of converting leads. It can also boost your credibility as websites are more trustworthy when they’re ranked higher. SEM is a great way to gain leverage over your competitors so you should get it before they do!

What's the Difference Between SEM and SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also a digital marketing tool that improves website visibility. However, SEO is a long term process whereas SEM has immediate results. Which one should you get? Well, you should get both as they are complementary to one another. Click here to know more about SEO.


Cost effective

SEM is ROI proven and it’s fairly cheap compared to conventional marketing. You only pay for each click or you can set a campaign according to your budget.

Increases brand awareness

SEM gives exposure to your brand through the headline and description of the ads. It’s a great way to leave a lasting impression on your audience. Users are always greeted by the first few links and your website can be one of them!

Targets the right audience

SEM focuses on segmented audiences. These are users that are actively searching for a specific service or product. They are known as quality leads and they have a high chance of contributing to sales.

Faster outreach to clients

Competitors are always finding faster ways to reach consumers and you should too. With SEM, your business will have a better outreach as it gives your website instantaneous visibility.

Increases traffic to your website

The general consensus of SEM is to direct traffic to your website. Having your site ranked on top will increase its visibility. It follows the simple equation of more views equals better results.


Google PPC

Have your site ranked on top to get the best results. Our PPC services are efficient and cost effective as you only pay for each click.

Google Shopping

Promote your products through Google ads and reach a wider audience. Our Google Shopping services will help build your e-commerce presence.


Our Google certified team is well versed with SEM practices. We have experience in running successful campaigns which we execute through 5 core elements.

Market Research

We conduct in depth research into market trends and their target audience. We also analyze your competitors and how you can overcome them. Understanding “what’s not working” for your competitors will help us avoid the same issues for your campaign.

Keyword Research

Our research will cover both primary and secondary keywords to enhance your ads. We then narrow down the keywords to the ones that are crucial for your campaign. Specific keywords will bring the best results.


We monitor your campaign over the long run to ensure you generate satisfactory returns. With the help of analytics and tracking tools, we can evaluate your campaign and further improve it.

Ad Targeting and Extensions

We target your ads based on location, market and consumer behavior. This filters out information that is not relevant to the campaign. We also add extensions to give your ads a little boost.


With the results from our tracking tools, we make frequent updates on how your campaign is performing. We also give suggestions on how to improve your campaigns and SE tactics in general.


Based in Singapore, SEM Agency Asia is an independent digital marketing agency. We deal with a wide range of clients that consist mostly of SMEs. In our 5 years experience, we’ve helped many businesses achieve their goals. Our team is made up of hardworking, creative individuals that want the best for your business. We are recognized Google partners and were ranked as one of the best e-commerce developers in the region. SEM Agency Asia is a result oriented, data driven agency that looks to create a community of successful entrepreneurs.


How would I know if my SEM is working?

The effectiveness of SEM is usually measured through its click through rate (CTR). This shows the number of users who click through your link. You would also know based on the number of inquiries and leads you obtain. The more your leads the better your SEM is working.

How to choose the right SEM company?

A common way to single out a good SEM company is based on their industry experience. A wealth of experience usually translates to better services. You can also tell based on their client retention. The ability to maintain a client will determine the quality of work they put in.

How does an SEM ad work?

SEM is basically putting your website up for advertising. Compared to traditional ads, this is done on search engines like Google. A digital banner will be placed on your website’s link and you will be positioned at the top. It gives your website better exposure to users who type a query related to your business.

What are ad extensions?

Ad extensions are add ons you can apply to your Google ads. They provide extra information to help users learn more about your service and products. They are great to have as they boost your ads and provide a better experience for your customers.